Everything About Rooms


A virtual space to connect through video sessions for closed meetings and product discussions.



  • Open - Public room, accessible to all.
  • Code - Can is entered only after entering the code shared by the Organiser.
  • Private - Accessible for only a few, preferred by the Organiser.

Create a room

Dashboard > Choose particular event > Rooms > Add rooms(Single add/ bulk upload) > save



Single room



Bulk Upload

Select Bulk upload > download pre-filled template > fill the room details > Select the file with changes > upload



Who Can Share Audio/Video In The Room:

Click Add room > Click ‘Who Can Share Audio/Video In The Room > select anyone/ moderator


an open room in which the first 12 participants will get access to Audio/ Video and the rest will spectate.


Moderator is someone who has complete control over room activities such as initiating the discussion, authorizing participants' requests and highlighting any response.



Who can Join the room

After clicking ‘add room’ > ‘click on who can join the room’




Click Anyone > the room becomes a public room.


Specific groups

Select specific room > select group and members > save.



Coded Room

Participants with the assigned code can only enter the room.

Click 'Who can join the Room' > select 'Coded'.




Private room

A hidden room, available only for the selected participant.

Click 'Who can join the Room' > select 'Private'.


Engagement options in rooms

In Hubilo, various options are availed to engage while attending the session in the room.

Live Chat

Organizers can chat during the discussions.

Participants & Spectators List

This will allow the organizer to see the list of participants and spectators within the room.


Spectators will be able to ask questions and participants can answer them.

The Q&A can also be moderated by ticking 'Do you want to moderate the Q&A?'

Live Polls

Spectators will be able to participate in polls during the discussion.

The above-mentioned options can be accessed by,

Add room > scroll down and check engagement options > choose the required one.