Add Event Details To Attendee Calendar

Hubilo allows users to add event details to their calendars. It supports all kinds of user calendars ( for example Google, Outlook & Yahoo, etc.)


This is done in 2 ways, as an organizer, you can set it to automatically link to the user's calendar & users themselves can also link the event to their calendar by clicking on the add to calendar button on the event invite mail.


With this feature enabled, users will receive 2 emails, one being event invite mail & other calendars invite mail, which will be automatically added to their email calendar.


To add event details to user calendar automatically via mail, follow these steps:


Step 1: Open dashboard > event > Setting


Step 2: Under General section > Enable toggle for Block Calendar Email > Save



Therefore when a user receives event invite mail, they will also get 2nd system mail with a calendar invite, which will get added to their email calendar automatically.


How to trigger event invite mail?


Step 1: Open dashboard > event > People section



Step 2: Select a user > you will get an option to Send Invite Mailer > select > send mail


This is the Calendar email shared with the user along with the event invite email -



Canceled Calendar Mail :


If that user is deleted from the event or the event is deleted, the user will automatically receive an event cancellation calendar email -




Note :

The Calendar invite email will be shared only for the default Attendee and all the custom created groups. The Calendar invite email is triggered only once to the user belonging to the Attendee or any custom group.

If the organizer makes any changes only in the Event Name, Date, Location or Event url and then shares the invite mail then only the updated calendar invite will go to that user.


Updated Calendar Mail :

The organizer has updated the event name and shared the invite email with the user. The user will now receive the invite email and the updated Calendar email -



1. Covers only event invitations and not module-specific invitations like meeting invites, sessions, etc.

2. In case of an open event where attendees self-sign up, we won’t be sending any invites

3. This option is just not limited to the people section, it works for all the avenues from where attendees can be added and receive an invite email (APIs, bulk upload ,& registrations)

4. The existing calendar event of delegates will be auto-updated if the organizer is re-sending the invite email given there is a change in any details ( Event time, Location, Name, and URL)

5. The Calendar invite email will only be shared for the upcoming events

6. The Calendar invite email will be shared only for the default Attendee and all the Custom created groups