Hubilo Event Mobile App Requirement

What does it mean to publish your App?


Going Live with the app is a bit tricky as once the Hubilo team uploads the App build to the stores for approval, the ball is now in the court of the stores!


They have the authority to approve or reject the app build based on their set of guidelines. The entire process of the app being reviewed, approved, and listed on stores takes time of anywhere between 15-20 business days for Android and iOS stores.


Once the below-mentioned required content & creative are finalized, share these details via email with your designated CXM and they will initiate the app development process internally.


Standard Timelines:

  • App Development & Publishing Work: 15-20 Days

  • App Delivery: 2 - 3 weeks prior to the event dates



Requirements for Publishing your app:

App Content:

  1. App name - Upto 30 characters {The name of the application which is displayed in app stores}

  2. App label - Upto 15 characters {Once the app is downloaded - this name is displayed under the app icon on the mobile screen}

  3. Short Description - Up to 80 characters

    [Eg. The official app of ____]

  4. Long Description - Up to 4000 characters

    { [Example: Use the_______ app to enhance your event experience by connecting with the right people, maximizing your time at the event. The app will help you discover, connect and chat with attendees at the summit.


    This app will be your companion not only during the event but also before and after the summit, helping you to:


    1) Connect with the attendees who have interests similar to yours.

    2) Set up meetings with potential attendees (investors, mentors, industry CxOs) by using the chat feature.

    3) View the summit program and explore sessions.

    4) Create your own personalized schedule based on your interests and meetings.

    5) Get last-minute updates on the schedule from the organizer.

    6) Access speaker information at your fingertips.

    7) Interact with fellow attendees in a discussion forum and share your thoughts on the event and issues beyond the event.

    Use the app, you'll learn more. Enjoy the app and we hope you have a wonderful time at the Summit! ] }

Creatives Required:

  1. App icon: 1024*1024 px

  2. App store Banner: 1024*500 px
    The App store banner is used by Google App Store - as a meta tag (image), which appears when a link is shared on a social/interactive platform.

  3. App Color Code: Share a Hex Color Code (example: #cc5500)

  4. Splash Screens: A Splash screen is the first screen that comes up when you click the icon to open an app on your phone, this screen stays on for 2-3 seconds while the app is being opened.

  • iPad Pro 12.9": 2048 × 2732 px

  • iPad Pro 11": 1668 × 2388 px

  • iPad Air 10.9": 1640 × 2360 px

  • iPad 10.2": 1620 x 2160 px

  • iPhone: 1242 × 2208 px

  • iPhone SE (1st Gen): 640 × 1136 px

  • iPhone Max: 1284 × 2778 px

  • Android: 1284 × 2778 px


  • All creative should be in PNG and should not have a transparent background.

  • Once we have the above content & creatives, your CXM it would take up to 15-20 business days to develop & publish the app on IOS & Android app stores

  • Hubilo event mobile app is part of certain subscription plans, therefore please connect with your CXM or AM for more details.

  • Note: As per the mobile app guidelines, by default ‘Delete My Data’ is visible on both iOS & Android apps. For Web users, ‘Delete My Data’ is displayed only when this option is ‘ON’ from the dashboard > setting > privacy.
    Event users will be able to delete their data from the Hubilo database & it won't be available on the dashboard and in any analytic report.


Understand Impersonation policy on Android & IOS:


Google & Apple won't publish your app on their app stores if they found it impersonating someone else (for example, another developer, company, or entity) or another app


Therefore Be careful not to use app icons, descriptions, titles, or in-app elements that could mislead users about your app’s relationship to someone else or another app.



Guide to Requirements:

The reason we recommend all these details to be concreted is because any changes to the above-mentioned information would require an update to be pushed on stores and would go through the entire screening process again. 


Please feel free to connect with your CXM in case of any doubts/queries. 

Minimum operating requirement


Devices supporting iOS 13 and above will work, including iPad5th+/iPhone6S+.
Anything lower than the above-mentioned version will not work.

List of Devices:

iPad5th Gen+
iPadProiPhone 6s/7/8/X/Xs/Xr
iPhone 11/12/13/Pro/Max


The Android app is compatible with Android phones and tablets running on an operating system of 6.0 and above. Our apps can only be downloaded on Android devices that have access to the Google Play Store. Kindle Fire and other devices that use the Amazon AppStore are not supported.

Note:We do not support rooted devices, in case somehow someone is able to manage and run our apps on rooted devices, functionality or its usage behavior is not guaranteed. We only support verified versions of Android OS/iOS.