What is 'Who Can Share Audio/Video In The Room' in the Rooms?

In a Room, at a given time 500 participants can join out of which only 12 participants will get access to Audio and Video.


Step 1: Login to Dashboard > Choose a particular event > Rooms > Click on 'Add Rooms'.


Who can Share Audio/Video in the Room?

  • Anyone: A room that is open for all the participants wherein the first 12 participants will get access to Audio and Video and the rest of the participants will have the ability to spectate.



  • Moderator: A Moderator can be added to the room, the Room will now be closed for all the participants until the moderator starts the room. Once the moderator starts the room, it will be open to all the participants and the moderator can choose to provide them access to share Audio/Video from the spectator's list. (Max 12 moderators can be added)


Preview (Dashboard & Platform)


Dashboard preview:


Live event preview (Platform):