How to add the people in bulk?

When you are adding people to your Virtual Event you get the option to add them in Bulk as well. Below are the steps mentioned:


Step 1: Inside Dashboard > Select 'People Tab' > On the right hand side click on 'Add People' .


Step 2: Select the required Default and Custom fields and click 'Continue'.



Step 3: Select Bulk upload and click on the respective category for the bulk upload.



Step 4:If the Virtual Attendee category is selected, click on 'Download' and download the sample excel sheet.



Step 5: Fill in the attendee details in the sample downloaded sheet and upload the same sheet.


Step 6: Once the sheet is uploaded, you can check the ‘Send Invite Mailer’ to send the invite emails in bulk to all the users added to the sheet and click ‘Add’.



After uploading the sheet, attendees will be added to the 'People' section.



  1. Do not make any updates to the section headers of the excel.

  2. The supported custom fields type for the bulk upload: Text, Text Area, Date, and Link.